After thinking long and hard we've decided to sell our Curly pony breeding herd and concentrate on breeding Miniature Curlies, I'm listing prices for individuals, but if someone were to take the group, I could set up a really good deal.   Most mares are bred, young, and all have a ton of potential.  They are kind, sweet horses, no vices, no problems.
FIRESIDES WILLOW, ICHO reg.  smooth coat, Curly bred, sired by VJB Man in the Moon and out of Dove.  She sells with her smooth 2011 colt until weaned.  She's not broke, but easy to handle, loves people and has taught her son the same.  
WOOD SPRITE, ICHO reg. Curly filly, One of the very few Curly ponies with both parents being Curly.  Ready to train.  Taking offers on Sprite, can be bred for 2013.
FIRESIDES MAESA, ICHO registered, smooth but Curly bred filly, sired by VJB Man in the Moon and out of Dove.  Very pretty girl, everyone loves her.   Maesa is for sale in Sask.
FIRESIDES JAYCEE, ICHO reg. Curly mare, being broke now and coming along well - a couple of kids are putting miles on her.  Hasn't had a foal for me.   SOLD
WGAIT QUEST FOR CAMELOT, ICHO reg. red dun appaloosa mare, born 1998, bred to EB Bongo Drummer for a 2012 foal.  Great mother and always throws better than herself. Taking offers on Cami and her 2012 filly.  SOLD
FIRESIDES LITTLE JOEY, ICHO registered, 2010 Curly colt sired by Aero and out of Dove.  This little guy will make a great addition to any Curly pony or Miniature Curly breeding program, covered in curls in the winter and pretty crushed velvet in the summer.  
Mary and Jim Stewart
©2011 Mary Stewart